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  • Dark light – Trio with Ben Street, Dan Weiss (nominated Best Jazz Album)

  • East West Moon – Trio with Ben Street, Dan Weiss (won Best Jazz Album)

  • Rita's Blue River Stone - Improvised solo concert in Barcelona

  • Concierto en la Iglesia - Improvised solo concert, Spain

  • Duel Pianos - Piano duets (co led with Terry Crayford) 

  • Jonathan Crayford plays Monk! - Solo piano

  • Decision - Trio with Patrick Bleakley, Chris O'connore

  • BigFoot - Multi-instrumental with Riki Gooch, Ema Paki, Lisa Tomlins, strings

  • Solo Piano Improvisations Paris - Jonathan Crayford improvising in Paris

  • Jonathan Crayford plays Terry Crayford - Trio with Pat O'Leary, Clifford Barboro

  • Jazz at the St James - Quartet with Bruno Lawrence, Bernie McGann, Larry Gales

  • Donde la Luz y el Agua se Juntan - Quartet with Dave Binney, Max Stowers, Chris O'connor

Film Scores

  • TV series Panthers produced by Tom Hern, Halaifanua Finau

  • Feature documentary Garden of Evil - directed by Nigel Stitchbury

  • Feature film Lowdown Dirty Criminals - directed by Paul Murphy

  • Feature film Pork Pie - directed by Matt Murphy

  • Feature film Spooked -  directed by Geoff Murphy

  • Feature film Pallet on the Floor - directed by Lynton Butler

  • Feature film Mr Wrong - directed by Gaylene Preston (nomination best original music)

  • Feature film Dangerous Orphans - directed by John Laing

  • Feature film Ruby & Rata - directed by Gaylene Preston (won best original music)

Solo work

  • Solo piano tour – 22 concerts across New Zealand

  • Solo concerts Berlin, Barcelona, Paris



  • Concerts with Flamenco dancer Isabel Riveira Cuenca (Spain and New Zealand)

  • Arranged and assisted David Murray for various world projects including Questlove’s Afro Picks feat. Questlove, Macy Gray, Tony Allen, Amp Fiddler, Mamani Keita

  • Duo concerts with Nathan Haines

  • Piano duo with Terry Crayford

  • Word Piano - improvisations to poetry readings by Bill Direen in Paris

  • Concert Exhibition - improvised works to the pictures of Rita Nowak in Vienna

Other work

Appearing on

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